Gregory Pettys
Gregory Pettys is a writer of historical non-fiction, a documentary filmmaker, and a photo-journalist. His company, Pettys Productions, worked as a consultant for major corporations including Pfizer, in Groton, videotaping and editing corporate and scientific programs. // His broadcast career featured directing news for NBC and as a photo-journalist for CBS, ESPN, NBC, and NECN. Documentary videography includes many award winning programs such as Bill Moyer’s World of Ideas. // Recent documentary projects include Working Waters, a story about the history of marine aquaculture in the Mystic River and Last Voyage of the U-853, a story about the mystery surrounding the German U-boat sunk off Block Island on the last day of World War II. The program has garnered almost six-hundred thousand views on YouTube. // He has written for many local publications including Westerly Life, Hill, Pond & Preserve, Connecticut Magazine, Oceanviews, Tidings, Boating World, and EcoRI. He’s presently working on a documentary about the Battle of Stonington and producing news stories for Westerly News.

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